The Tournament


In September of 2013, I asked my brother if we should try to organize a carp fishing tournament. This past weekend, we had 23 registrants participate in the inaugural Carpicide 2014.We gave away rods from Orvis and Temple Fork Outfitters, along with 2 pieces of artwork from two local artists, John Piacquadio and Josh DeSmit who also competed in the tournament. (Josh caught a beautiful/ugly Mirror Carp, the only of the tournament). We raised $550 dollars for the Kiap-Tu-Wish chapter of Trout Unlimited and we drank a lot of free beer from One Barrel Brewing Co. in Madison, WI. Over 50 fish were caught, half of them were caught by the winner of the tourney, Joey Paxman, who took home…


We are the 3 Amigos!


Somehow we didn’t realize that it takes nearly 20 hours to drive to Craig, MT from Madison, WI. We’ve been busy with school, new jobs, Carpicide, new dogs etc. but when we were able to get our buddy from Boston a ticket for $49 bucks into Billings, we just rolled with it and figured we would meet him there, fish for a week, and drive home. Carson picked me up in Minneapolis on Friday night, I didn’t pack anything for our 8 day adventure until that morning. I figured as long as I had at least 5 fly rods, as many reels and all my flies I’d be fine. The boat and trailer were working fine back in November when